How to write SEO Optimized Blog Post? (Important Beginner)

This is highly simplified explanation on writing SEO optimized blog post writing specially designed for beginners, curious students and for professional blogger in terms of Search Engine Optimization  to rank higher in Search results.

In this blog post you will be leaning how to write blog post? how to make it attractive and engaging? how to rank it on search engine results?, that is, Search Engine Optimization of your blog post (which is the most important part), how to do keyword research? and what is SEO Algorithms.

You’ll be learning blog writing step-by-step but but but..

It is going to be a little long but it has everything you need.

So keep patient. Take time if you need.

“Slow is smooth, smooth is fast” – Jack Coughlin

Well, why make something messy, complex and something that is so secret that you need to spend a chunk of money to know that?

There’s no reason for it. So, keep reading till the end and you will know everything about writing an Attractive Blogpost that ranks damn good. 

Here we are assuming that you already have Hosting and blog website. We will deal with article writing without any paid tool.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Blogpost SEO

If you are in blogging for awhile or a beginner, you definitely have heard about Keyword Research and tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.

There are a lot of Blogging Gurus feeding you lots of junk and confusing you with every single step by making things harder and complicated.

Now empty your cups so that I can fill it more simply.

Definition: Keyword is a word or phrase that people write in the Search engines to search something.

Now you know why keyword is very important for your blog. Without knowing what people are searching, you can’t show up in the search result and traffic goes to blogs that shows up in search results.

For example,

If people are searching for novels, you can definitely guess what keywords they will use.

keywords – “newly published novels“, “thriller novels“, “tragedy novels“, “best selling novels“, “best selling author“, “top  10 novels“, “top 10 war novels“, “Novels depicting Elizabethan era“, “Shakespeare’s plays and proses“.

And all of this keywords have popped out of my mind as i was writing through, though i am student of science.

Lets get more specific.

You want to write blog post on corona virus. Being specific on this topic lets guess some keywords that a person can use to search.

keywords- “What is corona virus?“, “What is SARS-CoV-2?”, What is Covid-19“, “An Essay on Corona Virus?“, “Is Corona Virus Breakout is Pandemic or Endemic?“, etcetera.

This is how can conclude Keywords from your mind.

If keyword research is such an easy task then why do we need paid tool?

Well, they provide some extra features like how many people are typing certain keyword? How many blogposts are already published with that keyword? what are related keywords that you can write on? Last but not least they provide some suggestions too.

But nothing to worry about, All those things can be performed freely and efficiently that we will learn on this blog post and video tutorial will be soon uploaded on our official YouTube Channel. Subscribe the channel to be notified – subscribe.

Now, I am going to share how you can find keyword yourself i.e. doing keyword research.

I divide keyword finding techniques in two ways:

    1. Post Oriented (Post to Keywords)
    2. Keyword Oriented (Keywords to posts)

Post Oriented Keyword Research:

In this type of research the Post/Article you want to write is already decided. e.g. I have decided to write about Abraham Lincoln.

You have chosen your article topic no, matter if its trending or not, its latest or oldest, detailed or brief. Its just something that you want to write about which is perfectly fine. e.g. you want to write about dog breeds, then you can write about any breed that comes into your mind today and whatever comes tomorrow and whatever your friend or family suggests you another day. Its just about adding breeds to your collection. As the collection will grows so will the dog loving followers will grow. If they will want to know about any dog breed is future, guess where they would like to go? your website will be the first choice, as you have made it that much worthy.

Now, as you have chosen to write about Abraham Lincoln

Lets guess how people are going to search for it.

Possible keywords- “Who was Abraham Lincoln?“, “Who was America’s President during the civil war?“, “Who was the 16th president of America?“, “Who was US president between 1861 to 1865?“, “Who declared final Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving Day?“, “Who was Mary Todd Lincoln?” and so on.

All this keywords or key phrases pointing to Abraham Lincoln.

A person might search anything from above mentioned keywords. Therefore you have to utilize the keywords properly. Proper utilization of the  keywords will be described in the “Use of Keywords” Section ahead in this in this article.

With that being said, why don’t you drink a glass of water and rest your eyes for two minutes.

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back” – Abraham Lincoln

For this type of keyword research you use search engine’s auto suggestions.

Search engine like bing, yahoo, google etc. suggest related keywords, therefore you can use them when you can’t think of keywords yourself.

Following screen captures will help you understand

Some autosuggestions from bing

keyword suggestions for keyword research bing
keyword suggestions for keyword research bing

Some autosuggestions from google

keyword suggestions for keyword research google
keyword suggestions for keyword research google

Some autosuggestions from yahoo

keyword suggestions for keyword research yahoo
keyword suggestions for keyword research yahoo

Advantages of Post Oriented Blog Writing:

  1. Helps you build content faster and more efficiently.
  2. Gives you more flexibility of time and attention.
  3. Never lets you out of content.
  4. Almost no technical stuffs like keyword research needed.
  5. Most importantly, It helps you build Website Authority better and quicker.
  6. Very powerful for long term audience.

Disadvantages of Post Oriented Blog Writing:

  1. It might take comparatively more time to Increase Website Traffic, Depending upon time and effort you are willing to pour.
  2. Some times your content might be out of trend, hence lesser audience immediately after publishing new post.

Use of Keywords

Use Interactive Multimedia

Create Valuable Content

What is SEO Algorithms?

Keyword Research